About Us

Welcome to SIPE Family Daycare!

SIPE Family Daycare is privately owned and registered through Australian Stocks and Investment Commission  (ASIC) with ABN 19613422512. We are registered with In Home Care Support Agency (NSW) to provide In Home Care (IHC) in Sydney, NSW and waiting to be approved by the Commonwealth Government’s Family Assistance Office for Child Care Subsidy on behalf of the families.  Being a Brokerage model of In Home Care (IHC), we ensure all requirements and obligations associated with operating a child care service are met as set out in In-Home Care National Guidelines, the National Regulations and Law, in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Government, SIPE Family Daycare IHC Policies and Procedures, the In-Home Care standards and all other relevant laws and practices.

If you think you are one of the special families below, please contact the NSW’s<a href=”http://www.ihcsupportagency.org.au”>In Home Support Agency</a> as they will be the one to assess your eligibility for In Home Care.

Just like childcare centres and other government subsidised forms of childcare, childcare subsidy can reduce your childcare fees. You need to be approved for Child Care Subsidy to be eligible for In Home Care, otherwise, you will be charged in full. Once you are assessed as eligible and have Family Management Plan in place through the In Home Care Support Agency, we will  check your home for safety to our educators and your children. The flowchart below will give you an idea of who does what on the process of In Home Care.